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12 января 2015

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    Have I missed something? Did not notice any notice of wild garlic when I ordered a box this week. Easter week end. Is it only supplied from Devon? Would love to try some.

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    menulis yang saya lakukan adalah secara otodidak dan membaca. Bahkan saya belum pernah membaca buku tentang tulis menulis. Bagaimana menghasilkan sebuah tulisan

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    Peaches and goat cheese are delicious together (favorite summer dessert: grill half a pitted peach, stuff middle with goat cheese, then drizzle with honey), but the thought of adding chicken in there is giving me a serious case of side-eye.

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    Luisa, the way you walk into the world of a poem touching the dark veins as you pass thru, the way you let the world you see bend to your words, noticing the delicate arc between losing and finding, you touch something shimmery in me that has no words only gratitude.

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    Lies, Lies, and More Lies.If these people represent the community, then you better get rid of them. According to latest videos and blogs left from real YouTube community members, they are leaving YouTube. Why?Because of the censorship. Because they are tired of being trolled and suspended for no reason. But mainly because YouTube does not care about their community members.

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    Jacques - Hey there, friends. Thanks for the comments, all. I tried to process in a way that would make people less comfortable with than the usual fare of images you see. The three elements in focus, should not be, as the are all on separate planes, while the chair (the main subject  or is it?) is not in focus.

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    Thanks for sharing a real life diet. Many bloggers just put their meals and leave out the stuff they snack on while cooking or running errands. I love our blog and your honesty. Thanks for making me feel normal- whatever that may be.

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