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10 января 2015

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    DR. F.You articulate it better and more concisely than I could, but you say exactly, EXACTLY, what I, and a very few of my friends, know/feel/intuit/deduce to be the TRUTH.'The Dark Ones', their origins, history, methods and purpose. We should all bring this to the forefront of our collective thought.

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    Cruzes! Mas isto é um post completamente feminino! Tenho de interromper isso: só não gosto de segundas por razões casuísticas — já ligo pouco à divisão que os homens fazem do Tempo.Mas gostei muito de (ou)ver estas músicas…

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    comentou em 13 de agosto de 2012 às 23:14. Todos os comentários aguardam moderação para que possamos responder a todas as perguntas que recebemos. E no fim todos são aprovados, mesmo que gratruitamente ofensivos.Bjsss!!!

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    When I originally left a comment I clicked on the Notify me any time new comments are added checkbox and now each and every time a comment is added I get 4 messages with the exact same comment.

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    I havent seen that post before. So Im writing now. That guy next to you looks really interesting:D Of course you look nice too. Maybe even more;) Okey, stop kidding. Thanks my weekend was good, I hope yours relaxing too.Thats fine so youll step up your updates, well Ill be waiting;)Take care;)

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    You can do the OTA but it breaks root. Also using superuser to survive OTA might not allow you to do an OTA. On xda there is a root that does the same thing but instead of EL29 stock root, it does 4.0.3 FF18 stock root. Its also odin. There are two methods. One that does a clean wipe and keeps no files and a method that lets keep things. I would reccommend the clean wipe. However to add CWM to your root is another affair. Check xda for the method.

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    Shit, whenever there's a post about Obummer "Truth" has to be all over it. I'm sure the guy is being paid by some Obummer PAC to sit on this site and jump-start like the Duracell rabbit whenever the word "Obama" flashes on the screen.

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    Yup and to your point on the lesser known players&just read where UF lost Patton for the year and that was not even mentioned during the game or in any of the post game talk. I knew he had been injured but this is the first Ive heard about the severity because the morons at ESPN are more concerned with sports entertainment than sports news.

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    Hey Bruce,Actually one idea I have been kicking around is to collaborate all of my motivtional videos (I have over 20 and possibly over 30) and create a physical DVD.Then offer it for free on my blogs.This way, I can build a physical mailing list and then be able to send custom direct mail pieces to these folks. What do you think?

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    What a beautiful post! I'm really impressed by the level of "from scratch." If you want to get your bagels and other bread off the pan without frying their butts in oil, use parchment paper. It's saved many loaves of bread for me!

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